Eman Helal 
Documentary and Editorial storyteller 
Cairo , Egypt 

Eman Helal is based in Hannover, Germany. 
Master student at FH-Bielefeld. 

She covered in Middle East , Africa and US. She dedicated to covering hard news and documentary projects with a human rights focus. Her work focuses on women rights and religious minorities.

She graduated in 2006 from Cairo University, where she studied mass communication.
She has been worked as a news photographer in Egypt for almost 7 years with different local newspapers and as a stringer for AP. Eman covered the Egyptian uprising 2011 and the aftermath.

She studied journalism and storytelling by many international scholarships
2019 Diploma in HochSchule Hannover 
2017-2018 Diploma in DMJX in Denmark 
2016 / Magnum Foundation Photography & Human Rights Production Lab in CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in NYC
2016 / RSIC first aid training in Italy 
2016 / Dart Center's 'Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones' course in Colombia University in NYC
2015 / Joop Swart Masterclass organized by World Press Photo in Amsterdam
2014 / Arab Documentary Photography Program organized by Magnum , Prince Clause Fund and AFAC in Lebanon
2014 / World Press Photo Multimedia Course as part of the reporting change program in Arab spring countries in Tunisia and Turkey
2013 / NYU & Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights program in NYC
2013 / The NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Conflict Photography in Bayeux, France
2012 / Visual storytelling in an open society workshop with NOOR Images , Al-Liquindoi and CIC in Egypt

Eman's work published in many international publications:
AP / New York Times / Time / Stern Magazine / Washington Post / Guardian / Polka magazine / Trouw Jornal / Die Weltwoche / Causette Magazine / Sur journal / D La Republic magazine / VQR / CNN
Eman produced a documentary stories to covering the projects of the international organisations like Oxfam , UN Women , UNIDO , Plan and Drosos in Egypt.

Eman's photographs exhibited in different  festivals and exhibitions:
2019 / "Hakawi - Contemporary Egyptian Tales", Cité internationale des arts, in Paris, France
2017 / Pil'Ours festival for women photographers in Saint Gilles de Vie in France 
2016 / ”What Works” Magnum Foundation Group Exhibition in Bronx documentary centre in NYC
2015 / "The way I live” exhibition in Saint Petersburg, Russia
2015 / "The Stories of Change” exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherland
2015 / DOCfield Barcelona festival in Barcelona, Spain
2015 / Just Another photo festival in India
2014 / Photoriginal festival in China
2014 / Addis photo festival in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2012 / “Cairo Open City-New Testimonies from an Ongoing Revolution” (Museum of Photography) in Braunschweig in Germany
2011 /  “The People is a Red Line” exhibition in Egypt
2008 - 2016 The Egyptian Press Syndicate Annual Exhibition

Books/ contributed in :
Our women on the ground 2019
Conversations on : Conflict photography 2019
Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora

Eman's work won :
The third prize in 2017 from the Egypt Press Photo Award 
The Portenier Human Rights Bursary 2016 from the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma
The first prize in 2014 from the Egypt Press Photo Award
The third prize in 2011 from the Egypt Press Photo Award

Email : emanhelal9@gmail.com 
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/emanhelal754/